Adobe Builder Magazine Backpac #1-Articles address adobe construction, rammed earth, green building and solar construction.
ADOBE BUILDER Back-Pac #1 Highlights
Issues 2, 5 & collector issue 42

Inter-ámericas ADOBE BUILDER measures 11" wide and 14 1/2" tall with color cover, and some interior color (on coated 80 lb. paper). The bulk of the magazine is printed on 50 lb. non-yellowing book paper, in black and white. Articles address Adobe, Rammed Earth, Green Building, and Solar Applications. Graphics are unusually "rich", with photos, line drawings & floor plans. Covers Southwestern U.S., Latin America and Caribbean. Readers appreciate advertising sources for Design, Service and Supply - as locating these elsewhere is difficult to impossible.

Issue 2
44 pages

Making Adobes at Rio Abajo

Huston Rammed Earth

Rainbow Adobe

The Homes of Robert Fagley, Adobe Builder

Cast Earth-new form of Earthbuilding takes shape

Costa Rican Bamboo

Solaradobe Plans

San Tan and the Double Adobe Wall

Pumice Adobe for Colorado

New Mexico Protects Solar Rights

Designing a Solarelectric System for a small Solaradobe

One-close Method for Saving on a Home Loan

Issue 5
40 pages

Value of a Good Set of Plans

Cutting Earth Walls

Paul Chávez - Adobe Master

Todd Swanson, Contractor

Mayan Adobe

Clay Mine Adobe

Newspaper Pulp Insulation

Book Reviews

Adobe Vaults and Domes

Earthbuilding News from Germany

Training for Adobe at North NM Comm. College

Adobe Building Supply

Anasazi Inspired - Bio-Hab, Inc.

Best in Plaster and Stucco

Recycled Timbers from James & Co.

Collector Issue 42

Yep, our printer found them in a back room- a pristine, unopened box of the classic # 42- a jewel from our last publishing series that are otherwise out of print. These won’t last for long. This 100-page issue starts with photos of adobe restoration taken by photographer Bill Sears of Tucson in the Colonial town of Alamos, Sonora. There’s 4 pages about Foundation trench requirements for Earthen homes, then 5 pages about how to install brick floors, followed by articles on making adobes, adobe stabilization, speed leads and starting walls. One page on building a Roman arch is followed by 8 pages on adobe fireplace masonry. Next, craftsman Joe Gutierrez shows how to build a concrete windowsill, before he devotes almost 4 pages to the secrets of interior gypsum plastering on adobe and terrón walls. Then, mason Al Knight of Albuquerque (who is still building) answers a series of cost and material questions- and on the next page, Paul Logsdon of Santa Fe shows how to cut corbels using a chain saw. Five pages on electrical wiring tips in adobe walls are followed by two passive solar home projects. There are 12 pages on bond beams, vigas and roofing solutions. A rare article by engineer Peter Harris gives charts for viga size and spacing under dirt roofs or contemporary roofs. Page 95 has a starter adobe layout- how to start small and expand later. There’s more in this ‘oldie but goodie’ than we can list.
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