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Southwest Solaradobe School
May Newsletter 2005

Dear Reader!
Estimado lector!
We are starting this newsletter in English and Spanish to get your attention concerning an upcoming seminar. English readers may also visit www.adobebuilder.com for more details about the seminar in English. However, also read below for general TEG and newsletter information in English.

¡Comenzamos este boletín en Ingles y Español a coger su atención!

Lectores en Español, las noticias es que tendremos un seminario en Tierra Comprimido este verano en Julio 26,27,28 a San Pedro Sula, Honduras. La nombre del seminario que viene es: Seminario-Taller para la Construcción con Tierra en el Trópico. Técnica específica: BTC, Bloque de Tierra Comprimido. Para detalles, es de ver abajo para precios, temas,programa y como inscribir. Si tienes preguntas en Español, la dirección es Angela Stassano a: adobe.y.viento@sigmanet.hn
-Más Español abajo

The news is that there will be a special 3 day Compressed Earth Block seminar at San Pedro Sula, Honduras July 26, 27,28 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). It will be hosted by the office of Stassano y Asociados, S. de RL of San Pedro Sula and Southwest Solaradobe School of New Mexico. It will be held at the Hotel Copantl, one of San Pedro's nicest venues. San Pedro has a large, international airport with direct flights form Miami and Houston daily (Continental, American, Taca, etc.) Seminar prices are the same as for stateside SWSA classes, but lower for Caribbean and Latin American residents (please see below). We invite you to visit our site www.adobebuilder.com for a few photos and other details . Canadian and European attendees may prefer using the adobebuilder site for registration (or you are welcome to contact Angela's office at adobe.y.viento@sigmanet.hn ).

It would be hard to do this class in the states. In Honduras, unique green building approaches are at hand, as is low-cost anti-earthquake design and the typical challenges to building and comfort in the tropics. This class is designed for the modern, wet climate or tropical builder who wants to utilize a pressing machine, code standards and a systems approach to building, while keeping costs down. Some manuals will be included, available in both English and Spanish at the seminar. All topics will be presented in both languages.

If you are planning a vacation this summer, why not combine it with some practical instruction in friendly Honduras? The old city of San Pedro Sula, established in the 1500's, is within visiting distance of the great Copan ruins as well as the Bay Islands (Islas de La Bahía) for the best in scubba and island fun.

Datos Generales.
Nombre: Seminario-Taller para la Construcción con Tierra en el Trópico.
Técnica específica: BTC, Bloque de Tierra Comprimido.

Fecha: martes 26, miércoles 27 y jueves 28 de julio 2005
Lugar: Hotel Copantl, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Joe Tibbets, Southwest Solaradobe School, New Mexico, USA
Angela M. Stassano R., Stassano y Asociados S. De R.L., SPS, Honduras. .

Si tienes preguntas , la dirección es Angela Stassano a: adobe.y.viento@sigmanet.hn

*Constructores y Profesionales Hondureños Lps. 3,500 ó Lps. 6,000 en pareja.
*Estudiantes Hondureños Lps.1,500
*Pagaderos en 2 cuotas, 1era. Al 6 junio y la 2da. Al 1 julio.

Profesionales y Constructores Latinoamericanos US$ 190 ó US$ 323 en pareja.
Estudiantes Latinoamericanos US$ 130 ó US$ 221 en pareja
Europeos y Norteamericanos US$ 289 ó US$491 en pareja. Para usar su tarjeta en "Paypal" visite www.adobebuilder.com

Contenido general del taller.
Temas a presentar.
Vistazo general a la construcción con tierra en Honduras.
La selección y pruebas de suelos.
La fabricación de bloques de tierra, adobes y BTC.
Pruebas de campo y de laboratorio.
Los sistemas estructurales. Muros de carga y contrafuertes, vigas y columnas.
Las paredes. Cimientos, espesores, boquetes, soleras, fijación de techos.
Los sismos y las estructuras de tierra. Detalles de Honduras. Dos pisos máximo.
La humedad en el trópico y las estructuras de tierra.
Repellos y pulidos.
Instalación de tuberías eléctricas y de fontanería. Puertas y ventanas.
Maquinarias semi-industriales y portátiles

*Taller práctico de medio día:
a- Fabricación de BTC, bloques de tierra comprimida en máquina
b- Construcción de un segmento de pared y un arco con BTC

* Este se llevará a cabo en un plantel de la Colonia Tara.

Material gratis a entregar a participantes:
A-CD Earthbuilders´ Encyclopedia by Joe Tibbets, versión en Inglés
B-Copia del Manual de Instructores de Perú, preparado por Intertec del Ministerio de Vivienda y Construcción. Oficina de Investigación y Normalización.
C-Diseño Sísmico para Estructuras de Adobe en Honduras, por Phd. Fred Webster, California, USA.


Other news!
Starting with Issue 12, all future releases of Adobe Builder will be in both English and Spanish. The publication has become a popular visual tool across borders and there's too much interesting stuff going on to restrict Adobe Builder to one language in a dual-language region. We know this will expand Adobe Builder into new markets and we welcome news from all around the Américas. Adobe Builder publications will continue to be available on the adobebuilder.com web site or by writing SWSA, POB 153, Bosque, NM 87006.

Many of you have wondered if your newsletter would arrive, and in what form. A transition has been in progress, often delayed by critical code work. From here on out, the newsletter will become a feature on the new TEG site (The Earthbuilders' Guild). TEG, a group of professional Earthbuilders, have decided to do a monthly, paid newsletter using Paypal. Funds generated by the newsletter will help to defray TEG's costs (TEG is a 501C6 working on Earthbuilding codes/materials) It has taken us awhile to build this site and get it on line, paid by TEG members. The Paypal newsletter feature will be set up in the near future and you should check for it at www.theearthbuildersguild.org The newsletter will be written by TEG professional members. It will give you an in-depth look at what the pros are up to, and their ideas about Earthbuilding. We like to think that TEG members ARE the most responsible Earthbuilders, because they care about their Industry! If you follow SWSA, and the adobe, rammed earth and compressed earth block pros, you'll find their tips handy. Over time, you can become acquainted with the different professionals and their companies and make some better decisions about your own building plans.

Some of you don't know that the 'improved' New Mexico Earthbuilding Materials Code was successfully installed into the New Mexico Construction Industries IRC-based code on November 18, 2004. While all codes are 'plastic' (in some form of change), getting our Earthbuilding codes up to the new level was a long, 3-year battle that some of you are familiar with. Improvements were made for Adobe, Compressed Earth Block and Rammed Earth. Yet more improvements are needed in the future and more code controversies are bound to develop, and that is why TEG exists. We hope you'll visit the site above and become a TEG subscriber!

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