Terms and Conditions for
Adobe Builder Purchases

Using your Credit Card for a Class:
We welcome your charge card but suggest using it only when you are sure about a class, and never closer than 5 days before a class (see below). The average student signs up from 20 to 60 days before a class. This allows time to send you study materials, and for you to digest them before class. Some classes fill up- do not trust that there will always be room if you wait until the last days before class.

Policy regarding cancellations: You may cancel up to 28 days before the start date of your class, and receive a full refund from SWSA, minus the value ($30) of study materials already sent to you. Cancellations will be honored via Email or written letter. However, we will verify your cancellation by calling your original registration telephone(s) at home or office to verify that your cancellation is official.
If you cancel within 28 days of class, refunds cease and full credit is yours for any class of approximate equal value (within $50) that SWSA schedules within 14 months of the class canceled. Since we hold classes in the spring and fall, that provides an opportunity of two to three seasons to choose from. We will send you a credit voucher.
Late Registration using your card: Within 10 days of a class, some fill up. Do not use your card until you call first (505) 861-2287 or Email adobebuilder@juno.com to make sure that your class still has room. Do not leave home for a class or purchase non-refundable travel tickets without first checking with us. If you get our voice mail, leave your name, message and return phone. We will call back asap.
Super-late registration within 5 days of class start date:
The SWSA school crew leaves for class about 3 days before the start date. You may still catch us at the office (505) 861-2287 If not, try (505) 362-1028 the road cell phone. Generally, last minute arrivals pay "at the door", using cash, cashier's check or travelers' checks. We will not be able to accept your credit card at class

OUR SHIPPING POLICY: Our prices are structured around U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail using a tracking number. Generally, your order goes out from within 8 to 24 hours of receipt. Orders coming in just before a double holiday may take longer.

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