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Adobe house plan 1248-2 bedroom home

Two bedroom solaradobe house plan

South Texas Gable Roof House Plan 1248

Genera Plans®

House Plan 1248 is a 2-bedroom, 1-bath adobe home with a total "footprint" of 1248 square feet. This total includes a south, screened porch, measuring 24' X 8'. Plan 1248 is a non-solar (conventional) design for rural, mild winter areas like South Texas. The pitched gable metal roof with overhangs qualifies it for higher rainfall zones of up to 40" annually. Adobe walls are 14" thick on the exterior and 10" thick on the interior. The plan is intended for sites A or B under the International Residential Code. A standard, steel-reinforced concrete bond beam ties all exterior and interior walls. The plan is drafted with a 4" concrete slab floor, which may be tiled or carpeted. A standard, steel-reinforced concrete foundation system with perimeter insulation is shown. Builders using this plan in areas of highly expansive or problematic soils should consult with a soils engineer to determine if the shown foundation system is adequate for their sites.

Plan 1248 is a simple rectangle, measuring 44' X 24'. It features a Southwestern style ceiling with round vigas and exposed 1" deck. Above this ceiling is a truss system of 2x6" and 2x4", designed to accept an R44 cellulose insulation layer, and a 350 lb. HVAC unit. The roof truss system shown was engineered. However, we suggest that the buyer have the truss system re-checked and stamped by the local truss company hired to fabricate the trusses. The HVAC unit may be installed or removed through the east gable-end door (exterior attic door measuring roughly 6' X 4'10"). A ½" plywood deck over the trusses supports the 26 gauge metal roof. The only flashing the owner will need is the ridge cap and chimney cricket.

Larger floor plan image

Plan 1248 is suitable for a family of three, or a couple when the second bedroom is used as a study, studio or computer room. The master bedroom measures 10'4" X 14' with a 7' x 4' 8" walk-in closet. The Bathroom contains 138 sq. ft. and features a 4' X 6' area for a custom tiled or manufactured shower/bath unit. The second bedroom measures 11' x 10'4", with a standard 30" X 7' closet. The kitchen measures 24' X 10'6", minus a closet section. The wash/dry area is located near the rear door, at the NE corner of the kitchen.

The value of any home is enhanced by a fireplace, and Plan 1248 features an adobe "kiva" or "beehive" style fireplace in the NW corner of the living room. The fact that the resulting chimney exits near the roof peak is not accidental. This reduces the resulting exposed chimney height and makes flashing much easier. The owner may also opt to not install a fireplace, or install an efficient wood-burning stove. An attractive 5' wide exposed adobe arch is a feature between the living room and the kitchen.

Additions to Plan 1248 might be shading devices, a garage or carport on the west to northwest side of the home, to block the summer sun. Plantings of fast-growing trees are another option. Cooling costs will be further reduced if shading is supplied on the east side as well. A choice of a light to medium stucco color and a light-colored metal roof will also aid in cooling. It is assumed that the builder will opt for low-e type glazing on all windows to reduce heat gain. A whole house ceiling fan is centered in the kitchen and exhausts upward through the attic.

Plan 1248 comes as a set of 9, 18" X 24" sheets in black on white. Sheets contain Floor Plan, Foundation Plan, Electrical Plan, Elevations, Roof Framing Plan, Wall, House and Fireplace Sections. Most scales are ¼"=1'0" with some sections at ¾"=1'0" and
1"= 1'0".

One set of Plan 1248, sent in a tube via priority mail is $75, or three sets for $89. Because the prints are B&W, you may duplicate additional sets at "blueprint" or reproduction shops at a nominal fee.

1 set of plans

3 sets of plans

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