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Passive Solar Studio 1310

Genera Plans®

Plan # 1310 is currently permitted in New Mexico. It will be built in 2011 in the west-central part of the state. Wall construction will be either 14" thick stabilized adobe or compressed earth block, with 2" of R-10 insulation over the earth block, followed by a hard plaster finish. Interior walls will be exposed, except in certain locations, such as in baths or around kitchen areas, where tile is standard.

As one of SWSA's practical, but solid home plans, # 1310 is designed to provide comfortable quarters without overstressing the building budget. 1310 is the "footprint" square footage of the home, including all walls. The overall dimensions of the home are 40 feet east to west and 32 feet, 6 inches, north to south. Ceiling heights inside are 9 feet 10 inches from finish floor to the underside of the exposed ceiling deck. The owners currently plan a tile on slab floor, but a more economical option is an etched or dyed concrete slab, without the tile cover.

Initially designed as a summer studio, # 1310 can easily serve as year-round quarters for a family of two to four. 6" Frame wall construction is utilized around the two full baths and laundry with the 4" frame bedroom closets adjoining on the north-central side of the home. An adobe (or compressed earth block) wall, 14" thick, runs east/west along the middle of the home providing thermal mass storage. It also serves as the central resting place for the two sets of traditional, vigas, placed on 36" centers above. A 1"x 8" rough-cut deck is exposed. An option here is to utilize an exposed latilla ceiling in one or two rooms, set between the vigas in herringbone fashion.

The central "studio" room (or living room) is the southernmost space, measuring 37'8" x 12' 3". It is one open space, with the Kitchen (fridge, counter, sink-by-window, range) located along the west wall. An efficient wood-burning stove is shown on the north wall of this space, about 1/3rd the distance from the east wall. A nice feature is an exposed adobe arch and doorway leading from the north side of the Kitchen into a central hall, serving bedrooms and baths.

The Bedrooms are 13'4" x 11' 6"(on NW side) and 16'9" x 10' 11" (on NE side). They each have a standard closet (6' x 2' approx). The two 'L-shaped' Baths contain 52 sq. feet of area (west side) and 59 sq. ft. (east side). The Laundry is about 18 sq. ft. and contains hot water heater, linen storage and stack wash/dry.

Passive solar gain is provided by the three large patio/slider doors on the south side of the Studio, measuring 8' x 7' each. The builder should make sure that no trees or further construction would block any sun into this south side during winter months between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The solar "cut-off" point is provided by the east/west edge of the galvanized metal roof above, which is designed to allow in the low winter sun and block it out during the summer months.

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Because of its location in a cold winter, high plateau climate, #1310 is designed with a moderately pitched gable roof with gable ends. Each modified truss bears at four points on the deck below. Each truss is designed with 2" x 6" rafters, with 2" x 4" chords and web components. The modified truss allows a central 'clear' space running east/west above the hallway, with a folding attic stair. This allows for storage in the roof cavity above the insulation layer (but not using the truss for support). The insulation suggested for this climate zone is R-44 or better (depending on type, it will be from 9" to 14" thick).

On the south outside face, two fairly substantial buttresses are shown. These strengthen the two middle sections of adobe or compressed earth block, located between the large patio/slider doors and are 14" thick. They are very necessary and should not be eliminated.

The owners plan a large brick or flagstone Patio/Terrace on the south, just outside the three patio doors, affording a sweeping view of the high plateau countryside. On nice days, this terrace expands the living area for tables, chairs and barbecue. However, on a tight budget, this terrace can be eliminated or added later

Plan 1310 is priced at .07 cents per sq. ft. of drafted area.

One set (7, 18x24" sheets) includes Elevations, Floor Plan, Foundation Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Electrical Plan and Wall Sections......$92.00
Three sets........................................................121.00

1 set of plans

3 sets of plans

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