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Solar adobe house plan 1576-2 bedroom home
Two bedroom solaradobe house plan

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Genera Plans®

Plan 1576 will work for traditional adobe or compressed earth block. Also see Plan 1680 on this site, which is the "mirror plan" for this home, designed in Rammed Earth. This plan is drafted to meet the New Mexico 2003 Earthen Building Materials Code.

The "1576" stands for the total home "footprint", that is, including all walls, exterior and interior. The objective: a more affordable, energy-saving home with two bedrooms, two baths and a few noticeably nice features. We wanted an adequate, but attractive home, without a lot of high cost options tacked on. As a result, 1576 is drafted without vigas and exposed wood deck, and instead with a truss system, metal roof and sheetrock ceiling inside. This provides a ceiling height of about nine feet. The builder may vary his/her choice of interior ceiling material or roof covering.

A list of attractive features includes:

    1. Sufficient interior mass walls of adobe or compressed earth block to help moderate interior temperatures. All exterior walls are 14" adobe or compressed earth block as drafted. Most interior walls are 10" adobe or compressed earth block.

    2. Plenty of Direct Gain and Trombe wall windows on the south, making 1576 a true passive solar design, when built as presented.

    3. Two nice adobe or compressed earth block arches where they can be enjoyed~ a four foot wide arch between Foyer and Livingroom and another between Kitchen and Laundry. By building the arches, the expense of doors and wood lintels are saved, while contributing to airflow in these non-private rooms.

    4. An underfloor hydronic heating system.

    5. An artistic, stepping half-wall of adobe (or compressed earth block) with decorative rejas (spindles) between Livingroom and Kitchen.

    6. Room for a custom tub in the Master Bath.

    7. A Kitchen measuring 10' x 21' 8", with 53 sq. ft. of space for a dining table.

    8. A Livingroom measuring 16' 3" x 15' 6" with an adobe fireplace in its NE corner.

    9. A Master Bedroom measuring over 12' x 15' 6" with a large, walk-in closet.

    10. A more than adequate closet in the Entry Foyer.

    11. Six massive Adobe or Compressed Earth block buttresses at key exterior lateral support points. These are anti-seismic features, but they also add to the attractiveness of the home.

The second Bath serves two needs; guests as well as BR #2. This Bath has two doors, one to Bedroom #2 (BR #2 measures 10' 4" x 12' 2" + 4' 2" x 8' 2" closet), and the other to the Entry Foyer. There is also a 5' 6" x 5' 2" Utility closet off the foyer, which houses hot water tank and boiler unit, as well as the under floor heating zone controls.

To leave your cost options open, 1576 shows simply a concrete slab floor. You might stain the concrete (including dyeing and stamping it in a tile-like pattern), or cover it with Saltillo or Italian tile.

Click to view larger image of house plan 1576

Plan 1576 is drafted showing a 1" insulating wall cover on the exterior. This is a "generic" reference that could mean a 1" insulating board, covered by typical stucco finishes, or a more "organic" insulating plaster consisting of stabilizer, recycled newspaper and a hard color coat finish, or even a "furred-out" system, using Light Clay fill. If you build in an area where your walls are stabilized and you wish to "show off" the adobe work, this protective layer may be omitted, providing you are not required to meet a cold weather energy code. If you are, readers should know that Plan 1576 will pass NM's new 2003 Energy Conservation code in most climate areas of the state. Performance can be enhanced in winter areas above 6000 degree heating days with an additional insulating wall cover. Doing this will enhance the solar performance of the home.

Plan 1576 is priced at 10¢ per sq. ft. of drafted area. It comes to you in a sturdy tube at $157.60 for one set of 8 sheets (ea. sheet is 18" x 24"), or three sets at $175. As always, your order is filled and sent priority mail as soon as we receive it, with a delivery confirm sticker.


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